T Flip

Treland Presha also known as Tre for short as in 585 Rochester NY up state. He started music when he was 5 years old. Since then T Flip always had taken interest in music. His cousin would always be writing on a notepad. Out of curiosity T asked why he was always writing. His cousin replied  " I am writing a rap". T responded that he can rap. Anxiously, he cousin wanted to hear him. When T opened his mouth his bars was just so dope. Over the time, T began to write on his own but never let any one see him do his thing. One day while in school around lunch time T decided  to let one of his friends hear him.  His friend was very dope at making sounds to match any beat. He began beating on the table I mean crazy with it. I think the beat was from the song called "Grinding" by the Eclipse. He looked right at T and said "kick something". The whole cafeteria went crazy. Everyone wanted to hear T rhyme. After that it was on history in the making. By his talents, T Flip has caught the eye from the CEO of MouthDrop Records. Welcome to the team T Flip and lets continue to make history!

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